17 - 18 October 2023, New York


Sripradha Ilango

Chief Financial Officer

Sripradha Ilango is the Chief Financial Officer at Soltage.  Sripradha has over 20 years of experience in due diligence, negotiations, and managing energy investments across capital structure on a global basis, and has invested and managed over $6 Billion in growth capital and distressed investments across global energy, mining, power and water sectors. She received her MS in Financial Markets and Trading from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

04 Oct
 - 10:50 GMT
Panel Discussion
  • How has the Inflation Reduction Act been received by investors?
  • How quickly will we see the impact of the IRA?
  • At what point will imports and markets return to normal deal flows?
  • What further policy is required to meet net zero targets? How to build domestic supply chains for renewable energy?
  • What tax credits, if any, will make it through the senate? How might the direct pay option change the market?
  • What will renewable energy policy for 2023 look like post midterm elections?