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Ross Thomas

US Technical Advisor, Offshore Wind Energy & Power Practice
Marsh Specialty
Ross Thomas

Ross is part Marsh’ dedicated offshore wind team in New York and Boston, covering 3GWs of debt financed US offshore wind construction, both fixed and floating foundation technology. He supports his clients through all stages of pre-development, including contract risk allocation and insurance negotiations in all construction supply and installation contracts, including subsea cables, foundations, turbines and substations.


Ross began his career in sales and trading at Bank of America in London and later moving over to the banks New York office to cover US credit risk management.


Since leaving Bank of America in 2017, he co-founded Horizon Wind Power, an offshore wind development company with a planned 400MW offshore wind site in the New York Bight.


Ross joined Marsh in June 2021.



05 Oct
 - 10:20 GMT
(C) Wind Power Finance & Investment
Panel Discussion

Offshore wind is the fastest-growing renewable power segment and is widely known as a proven source of energy. Yet the journey to becoming commercially viable was faced with challenges including high operating costs, strict environmental standards and immature construction techniques. These challenges have played an important role and provided valuable lessons learned when implementing onshore wind projects. Today’s panel will discuss best practices developed during offshore wind’s journey to maturity that can be applied to the onshore wind sector.