17 - 18 October 2023, New York


Rob Ritchie

Director, Energy Storage

Rob Ritchie is the Director of Energy Storage at Nexamp, where he leads energy storage strategy, technology evaluation, and project analysis. In this role, he works closely with internal and external stakeholders on strategic planning to build and grow Nexamp’s energy storage business. In prior roles at Nexamp, he developed over 150 MWh of energy storage across projects ranging from behind the meter and microgrid to front of the meter applications. Prior to joining Nexamp, Rob was a Program Manager of Distributed Generation at National Grid, managing interconnection upgrade projects across New England. Rob holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s degree in Energy Science and Engineering, with a concentration in Energy Management and Policy, from the University of Pennsylvania.

05 Oct
 - 12:00 GMT
(D) Energy Storage
Panel Discussion
  • How to find a balance for co-location and get a good site choice for power producing asset & battery
  • Explanation of project design based on constraints and aims of the developer
  • Intermission and grid connection decisions