New York


Emma Johnson Konet

Director of Market Strategy and Operations
Key Capture Energy
Emma Konet

Emma Johnson Konet is the Director of Market Operations and Strategy at Key Capture Energy where she manages the Market Operations team tasked with the optimization and dispatch of Key Capture Energy’s BESS assets. Emma co-authored KCE’s autonomous energy trading software suite and leads prospecting and BESS growth strategies using a variety of forecasting techniques including production cost modeling. Prior to joining KCE, Emma traded power at Citigroup. Emma holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Chemistry from Tulane University and is an MBA Candidate at Rice Jones Graduate School of Business class of 2024.

05 Oct
 - 15:15 GMT
Panel Discussion

As the energy storage market grows, this panel will unveil some of the features to look for when you're investing in or lending to an energy storage project. Market experts from across the board will discuss the questions you should ask yourself and the red flags you should seek to avoid.