17 - 18 October 2023, New York


Anadi Jauhari

Emerging Energy and Environment Investment Group (EEEIG)

Anadi Jauhari is a  partner at Emerging Energy and Environment Investment Group (EEEIG), a New York-based investment and advisory firm specializing in energy transition related investments.  In his current role, he works with institutional investors and partners, and  developers, strategics and OEM's to advance the investability of their “net-zero” project pipelines for direct and fund investments.

He was a founding member of EEEIG's Latam renewables private equity fund. Prior to EEEIG, he was Managing Director and Head of Americas, Project Finance for Natixis, New York, the French bank. He has an MBA from Yale School of Management and a BS in engineering from Indian Institute of Technology and is a CAIA charterholder.

05 Oct
 - 12:45 GMT
(D) Energy Storage
Panel Discussion
  • What can alternatives offer that lithium ion cant?
  • What are the possibilities for better grid management and co-location with wind projects?
  • Which utilities are looking at long duration, how would the market change with long duration capabilities?
  • Where is fast ramping and inertia more favourable from a long duration asset?
  • Are electrochemical batteries the best options for long duration currently?
  • What needs to happen before long duration is commercially viable?
05 Oct
 - 10:20 GMT
(D) Energy Storage
Panel Discussion
  • Which offtake markets make the most sense for Green Hydrogen?
  • How close are we to an electolyzer market with capacity to scale?
  • How can you incorporate both solar/wind and green hydrogen in your investment portfolio?
  • What’s the appetite from the debt market and cost of capital?