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The US wind sector has seen a dramatic rise in investment, financing options, and government endorsement, and in 2021 made up 8% of the nation’s energy amid a 24% annual growth rate. The opportunity facing developers, utilities, investors and consumers is becoming more promising, with 39GW of onshore and offshore wind in the pipeline.

Despite the nation’s commitments to wind energy, there are still fundamental questions surrounding future legislative support, the risk and reward scenario regarding offshore investment, and how emerging offtake structures will disrupt the energy industry.

Solar Media’s launch of Wind Power Finance & Investment Summit USA will answer these questions in October, alongside industry leaders from government, banking, investment firms, law firms, developers and utilities in the US wind sector.

With two days of content, networking and problem-solving, industry leaders exclusive to the finance and investment realm of wind power will gather in New York to meet and discuss the most pressing dilemmas facing the sector. You can expect to hear from CEOs, CFOs, VPs, MDs and partners on issues as diverse as:

  • What are the federal wind incentives, how have they changed, what can we expect?
  • How are PPA structures evolving? (Synthetic, Merchant, Privates, Corps).
  • Which utilities are taking over the offshore boom? Who are they partnering with?
  • Repowering: How can we maximize the potential operational life and returns of a wind-turbine investment?
  • Investments and contracts under supply-chain disruptions: what’s at stake for wind projects and finance?
  • What are the changing risks to wind development in 2022?

All these questions and more will build the foundation to Wind Power Finance & Investment Summit USA’s discussions, networking and content – the only US wind event exclusively dedicated to finance and investment in 2022.

2022 Key Themes

Tax Equity

Policy, Credits & Subsidies

PPA's & Changing Offtake Structures

Transmission & Interconnection

M&A Trends

Supply-Chain & Construction

Innovations On The Finance Front/ Innovating On Costs

Turbine Life & Repowering

2022 Summit In Numbers

450+ Expected Delegates

2 Days of Content & Networking

90+ Industry-Leading Speakers

24 Sessions

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To get the best idea of what our event will look like, take a few minutes to read over our in-depth event brochure. 

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